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Welcome to West O!

The West “O” Business Association is a strong and thriving organization committed to supporting the West O Street businesses located along the Western corridor into the City of Lincoln. Whether you are traveling to Lincoln from the West or heading home from Lincoln, there are many opportunities for you to dine, lodge, bank, invest, exercise or be entertained in our area.

West “O” Street is a major five lane entrance corridor into the City of Lincoln from the west. Area attractions include such destinations as Haymarket Park, home of Lincoln Saltdogs Baseball and Husker Baseball. The University of Nebraska Campus. Smith Collection Museum of American Speed. The Historic Detroit-Lincoln-Denver Railroad Interpretive Center (opening in 2013) The new Pinnacle Bank Arena (opening in 2013). Close by is the Historic Haymarket Entertainment district.

West “O” Street offers diverse dining experiences including fast food, locally owned restaurant dining and live entertainment. As well as banking, investments, grocery and convenience stores. We have what you are looking for!

The West “O” Area Businesses take pride in serving the needs and demands of the community and work together to meet the expectations of Lincoln citizens and visitors alike. Working together, the West “O” Area Businesses known as the West “O” Area Business Association, currently has 82 members and welcomes one and all to our monthly luncheon meetings. In addition we encourage and invite any new businesses to join us.

If you are looking for a change from your routine, follow the Harris Overpass from the East to the West “O” Street area including the town of Emerald. You will not be disappointed.